Let’s Do Shakespeare Mail Art

Ophelia ©Cindy Williams.jpgI am participating in a “Let’s Do Shakespeare Mail Art” event in which it is 400 years since the death of Shakespeare, and we are celebrating.

So here is my version of Ophelia, from Shakespeare’s play “HAMLET”.

This is a size A4 (about 8×11″) watercolor and ink painting.

A short explanation about Ophelia, is she was a character in Hamlet.  And she went crazy, and climbed a tree (supposedly gathering flowers).  The branch broke and she fell in the water and drowned.



Upcoming Solo Exhibition at the Button Tree, Droitwich UK

I have an upcoming solo exhibition in May.  As well as a group exhibition starting the first week of May 2016.

cindys demo
cindys demo

Everyone is invited, however I know those who live in other countries won’t be able to attend.

But I am inviting all of you who are close to Droitwich in Worcestershire, UK.

Thank you I hope to see you sometime during that month.

I have some really big exhibitions as well as this one, coming up this summer.

Thank you so much for dropping by!

Cindy Williams



Latest Work in Progress…

My latest work in progress:


WIP ©Cindy Williams
WIP ©Cindy Williams


WIP ©Cindy Williams
WIP ©Cindy Williams


I worked on this painting last week.  It is a little 6×8″ and will be put in a 10×8″ frame. This is a pastel painting on heavyweight paper.

I will hopefully finish it tomorrow.  It’s amazing how you can add the “shadows” (under the fingers) and it gives the drawing depth.

I was going to work on it tonight, but not feeling great, so I will work on it tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Cindy Williams