Divas Need Heels

Divas need shoes

I want to die with my high heels on, still in action- Bett Davis

This started as a still life.

Its ok I GUESS.

I think its a 6×8.


It was a fun little practice.

Thanks for dropping by.

(Day 20 of painting challenge)

5 thoughts on “Divas Need Heels”

  1. Love the feathers, look so soft! And the shoe is sexy, without looking like a hooker, like the shoes that are so popular today. I wish young women would look back to the classics more. But that is a whole other story, Lol.

  2. Thank you both. It was almost midnight when I finished.

    My motherinlaw works at a thrift shop and I asked her if they have any boas and she brought this lovely white one and it is So SOFT! I will be trying it in future scenes :)

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