Monotone Blue

Monotone Blue This is our last day in Cornwall. I love it so much down here but our holiday went so quickly... Booooh:-( This week we were in an artist's paradise, St. Ives. "Monotone Blue (Cindy Williams)"image[/caption] I titled this abstract "Monotone Blue". I brought some of my paints with me this week, funny I only did two paintings. We went to so many galleries in St. Ives. And other places. When I get home I am going to write all the places in posts on my blog. I really didn't do a lot. Yes, we went exploring, but I didn't write (like I wanted to) and I didn't paint alot. I really had a true vacation. I watched TV with my wonderful hubby, and played Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit, and we just enjoyed whatever came along. I read a little but mostly did nothing. And I enjoyed it. It was also nice when we were walking up and down hills, I did not get out of breathe, or feel faint, actually I felt fit! So since July 1, I have lost almost 30lb and have been taking vitamins and minerals and eating healthy, it has paid off. I hope in the next three months I will be fully recovered and feeling well all the time. Good things to come! Thank you my friends and followers for dropping by, I appreciate you all! Ciao for now, Cindy 

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  1. So glad you are feeling fit, and had a nice relaxing break! I love the way the colors mingle in this piece 🙂

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