Not and Never

 Regrets of NOT and NEVER

(A Different Kind of Post)


Not and Never… those are two “FINAL” words…


I came across this video from

I found I LOVE this site. It has loads of POSITIVE STORIES, and it has become one of my favorites. Actually the sub-heading is “Positive Journaling”.

I have lots of regrets:

  • NOT going to University
  • NEVER pursuing my dream of being a music major
  • NOT travelling the world
  • LOADS of personal regrets


Erase it of course! Well, I know in your reality, you can’t physically go back and erase things that happened to you.  But you know what? When you think about these things over and over, you are RE-CREATING them!

You are living it again.

You are feeling those same feelings of disappointment, fear, anger, guilt… YES…. you sit for a couple of minutes and you think about things that you regret and you see if your heart doesn’t start pounding, your breath changes, your head hurts, you grit your teeth, you clench your fists…



30s Blond Original Pastel Painting ©Cindy Williams
30s Blond
Original Pastel Painting
©Cindy Williams

Physically sit down and RE-WRITE your life!  Re-write how those things that were disappointments, turned into wonderful things.

If you didn’t get that raise,  “I got the raise I asked for, I am SO HAPPY”.

Didn’t get the job? ” I got that wonderful job, I can’t wait to start next month!”

Fell out with a loved one? “I heard from ——– today, I am so happy they want to see me”.

Maybe, this isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s better than wallowing in pity or shame or sorrow. And who else will ever see it? I mean, once you do it, put the paper away. But the thing is, keep looking at it a couple of times a day.  And every night before bed, RE-WRITE your day, as it went exactly as you wanted it to go.  EVEN BETTER,  WRITE YOUR DAY for tomorrow!

That is your assignment, AND MINE!

So, this “assignment” is your ERASER :)

Let me know in the comments below, what you regret Not and Never doing, and how are you going to change your future and your world. Everybody has their own world! Make it the best world you live in :)

Thank you all, I appreciate all my readers.

Ciao for Now,

Cindy Williams

(P.S. if you would like more posts like these to encourage my readers, I am going to start a new blog, so let me know if that would be something of interest).


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  1. Good post Cindy. I think we can all use positive reminders. It is so easy, especially for creatives, to get caught up in self doubt. Happy day to you Cindy :)

I love all my Readers! Thank you for your kind comments :)