Still life painting

Tonight at our art group we tried still life painting. One of the members brought a bottle of wine and some physalis fruit. I have never heard of the plant but it is called “Chinese Lantern” and also called “Ground Cherry”.

Anyway “Overrunning my tale”…

This was the setup…

Still life setup ©Cindy Williams
Still life setup
©Cindy Williams

So, I forgot to bring my table top easel.  It is hard to paint something standing up and your paper is lying down. It doesn’t look right, it is like a 3D pic or something, I thought it was kind of odd, but in the end it turned out OK I guess.

Still Life ©Cindy Williams
Still Life ©Cindy Williams

I did this with a sketch book and Derwent InkTense Blocks. It is a 12×10″.

That’s all for now!

Thank you all for stopping by, Hey maybe I will try another month of painting! Well, you never know.

Ciao for Now!


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