Using Periscope for Your Art

Well, I did it! Remember when I said I was going to give a presentation and it was going to be LIVE on Periscope? Here it is! And it cut off for some reason but on my phone it kept filming, so I have no idea what happened. But luckily most of the things I wanted to cover, was saved on video. I looked and have had 37 people watching it so far, at the time of this post. So if you are bored, here you go. I DID mention that Periscope is like having your own personal TV Station  🙂     I hope you enjoyed this because I was terrified. Thanks for dropping by I appreciate you all! Ciao for now, Cindy

4 thoughts on “Using Periscope for Your Art

  1. Wow. You amaze me Cindy. You’re so brave and creative. Perhaps this is your calling like a UK based Leslie Saeta.

    1. Sea thats a huge compliment, thank you, but Im not a great speaker. Im trying to help people learn how to do things to get their art seen, and Im surprised how many people dont do simple things. I try it all! 🙂

      Out of almost 30 people, only 2 of us has used Periscope. And it caused a huge discussion afterward and we were talking about how Periscope can help all of their forms of art. (dance, theatre, poetry, knitting and crafts, painting)

      I guess this is going to be my mission to help people get up to speed. 🙂

      Im doing another talk at a later date. I listen to LOADS of podcasts from different sources whilst walking and working so I learn a lot 🙂

  2. You did great Cindy! High five. Public speaking is hard for almost everyone, so just know that, most people are wishing you well while you are up there. And if you are teaching them something new, they are likely more interested int eh information, than whether or not you give a perfect delivery. I agree with Sea… this may lead you in a whole new and exciting direction. It sounds like you were a great success, if there was an active discussion afterwards. Well done!

    1. High Five Sheila HAHA!

      I DO get nervous, I just have to try to think that no one is watching but it is quite hard. I hope to help people on their paths wherever they wanna go 🙂

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