I just love Cornwall. I'm  posting some photos from today, it is quite foggy outside. image This photo was taken at Penzance, Cornwall (UK). It is so foggy you can't see St. Michael's Mount. We are planning to go to the Isles of Scilly on Thursday, if the weather improves. image This photo gives you an idea of how foggy it is. It has gotten progressively worse since that photo was taken a few hours ago. We are staying in a holiday park, and Britain knows how to do a holiday park! They have a clubhouse with a bar and entertainment/dance hall, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and an arcade, along with a small convenience store. I have spent 20 minutes in the arcade today 🙂 I haven't been able to get online much but we have enjoyed playing Scrabble and reading, it's been nice just to relax and not do much. I have been taking lots of photos for paintings. I have even tried plein air painting this week. It's fun and I plan on painting plein air more so I can improve. I won't be posting them until I get better at painting that way. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate you all! Ciao for now! Cindy

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