Art Challenge Day 24

Is this really ONLY Day 24 of the 30 Day Art Challenge?! ARGH!

I think it is the pressure of trying to get painting every single day, that is getting on my nerves.

And you know, THAT is exactly what I want to do, PAINT EVERY DAY!

Maybe I am having withdrawals of the TV or just not doing anything.

Maybe I am lazy.

Maybe I just feel very tired when I get home from work and don’t really feel like doing anything else. (BINGO!)

I have been working on my latest painting, and I changed it a bit. YES I will do it over again, I think.  I like the whole painting like I drew yesterday, but you know… I messed up on it a bit. Hey thank goodness for using paper, I just cut the excess off and made it a different size :)

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WIP Jan24
WIP Jan24

I hope you all are staying warm.

Thank you for dropping by, I appreciate you!

Ciao for now,


2 thoughts on “Art Challenge Day 24”

  1. this is fabulous and so suggestive – it could be anything – very spicy and erotic or just a woman stretching out the stress of the day. I hope that it continues to go well because this one is great!

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