Wow, here we are again at Leslie Saeta’s SEVENTH 30 day painting challenge.

There are many artists all over the world who have joined the challenge, so you will more than likely find some sort of artist online who is involved in the painting challenge.

Last January I did a 30 day painting challenge AND I did 30 artist interviews on my blog!

Looking forward ©Cindy Williams
Looking forward 5×7″ Graphite Drawing ©Cindy Williams

Kicking off the challenge with a little 5×7″ drawing.

This is the first part of the new year.  And what a better way to start it than LOOKING FORWARD to all the cool things that are planned for this year.  I have written and REVISED (a dozen times) all my goals for the year.  And keep revising, because sometimes things just don’t fit.

This is my drawing for the first day of the 30 day challenge.

If my readers (i.e. YOU ALL) are interested in owning my drawings and sketches, I have a deal for you!  Starting today, and every day for the duration of the challenge this month, I will have a drawing for sale, the amount for sale will correspond with the day.  For example, Artwork #1 will be $1,  Artwork #5 will be $5, Artwork #10 will be $10.  (plus shipping)

I hope that makes sense.   I may not do the whole challenge, I hope I do finish it, but I am naming them ARTWORK #1 instead of Day #1.

Since this is DAY 1, that means this little drawing is $1 so you can have an affordable piece of artwork from me. 

Click Here to Purchase 

I’m having a drawing at the end of the 30 day painting challenge. (January 31)

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Thanks for dropping by!

Ciao for now,

Cindy Williams


2 thoughts on “Artwork #1 – LOOKING FORWARD

  1. Terrific idea Cindy! I am already behind, on painting and reading posts, and pinning. Catching up though! Glad to see you back, even if it is not for the entire 30. Always look forward to seeing your work friend! Looks like you have your eye on the future!

  2. Sheila I am REALLY TRYING HARD to keep up with painting and posting. I only have a few ahead but hopefully I will keep up with it every day. Good luck and keep going :)

I love all my Readers! Thank you for your kind comments :)