Periscope- Cindy Williams Art Demo

I did a Live Periscope demo with pastel paints. I was trying out Periscope, trying to learn what to do right and what I did wrong, and hopefully won't repeat the mistakes. I got a couple of comments, hey even one said "Dont quit your day job". Well the joke is on him, I don't plan to haha.   It was a short demo, well about 15 minutes maybe, I really am not sure. You can click on the video or click this link. OK, this time, I could really use feedback, what to do right next time. Thanks for all your kind comments, I appreciate all of my readers! Ciao for now, Cindy

10 thoughts on “Periscope- Cindy Williams Art Demo

  1. congratulations for trying the periscope thing. I think it is working well although I am only seeing it as a video from your blog. One question – do you have a pencil drawing of your subject before you start?

  2. Hi Val, thank you very much, it’s fun, but hard on the nerves sometimes. What you are seeing on the blog is how you see it on your mobile or tablet or whatever you are using. The only thing is it is a one way conversation. I mean, people can type their questions and comments to you, but you gotta see them to answer. I can’t paint and see if people are commenting at the same time.

    You are the second person that asked me about drawing the subject. The answer is Yes, and these questions are helping me to learn. you can see how many people are coming on watching you. However after the broadcast, it tells you the total number on your phone. I had over 40 people watching 🙂

    And you can use it in many ways, there are so many ways to use it. It is so new though, I think just coming out in Spring this year, people are still trying to figure it out. It’s great though! Thanks for commenting Val and please if you have more comments or questions, feel free to comment, as this helps me learn 🙂

  3. Hi Cindy Glad to see that you are trying to utilize Periscope. I am going to start up Google + HOA as well as and do some Live Broadcasting which is a bit different. I already have a online “Live Art Studio” that runs 24 hours for viewing. There are so many ways of streaming these days that it can get overwhelming to say the least. I am also looking at Periscope but I don’t want to “jump ship” in mid stream (no pun intended) so to speak. I’ll be following for sure…

  4. You should turn your camera sideways to give you more of a wide angle view, Plus add some better lighting will help tremendously. Did you know you can add different camera lenses to the IPhone rather inexpensively…..

    1. Thank you Art I thought about Google hangouts before but only used it with family. And the lighting in our house is terrible. I dont have an iphone so the camera isnt great.

  5. I wonder if you can arrange the camera so it is pointing down more. If you were facing it we would get more of your face and the technique while you’re painting. I also think a few of your finished works visible in the background would give an idea of where you are going with your demo.

  6. Hi Cindy, I finally had the chance to view your demo. One suggestion, and I may have missed it. it might be good to show us what you are trying to create, and then we can have an idea of what the darks and lights are. High five Cindy!

    1. Thanks Sheila for the High Five 🙂 There are lots of things I noticed when I watched it lol! Ive been watching other episodes of people doing broadcasts. Still learning 🙂

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