Sept 1, 2016 Day 1- 30 Day Painting Challenge

Today is the first day of September and the first day of a 30 Day painting challenge.

I have decided to do 30 days of painting…. not necessarily 30 paintings.

Today I have started a bee and flower painting. I took a photo of this friendly bee last year in our garden.  We had lovely flowers, unfortunately I didn’t plant any this year.

This little (or shall I say BIG) bee was happy and let me take its photo with no threat to me or the bee.

I am starting this in watercolor, however I do not claim to be a watercolor artist, so if it doesn’t turn out, you know why. I am contemplating doing an underpainting in watercolor and then adding my pastels on top, to make it “pop”.

Thank you for stopping by I appreciate all my readers!


3 thoughts on “Sept 1, 2016 Day 1- 30 Day Painting Challenge

  1. So glad to see you here my friend. WOw, watercolor, you really are challenging yourself! High five! Look forward to seeing your progress 🙂

I love all my Readers! Thank you for your kind comments :)