The Girl From Mexico

The Girl From Mexico

Meet “The Girl From Mexico”.  Lupe Vélez.  She was nicknamed the “Mexican Spitfire” and she was a silent film DIVA (Of course :)  ).


The Girl From Mexico 12x8" Pastels on Heavyweight paper ©Cindy Williams
The Girl From Mexico
Pastels on Heavyweight paper
©Cindy Williams


Lupe Vélez starred in a film “The Girl from Mexico” and then went on to star in several other films, called the Spitfire series.

You can read more about her on the Wikipedia website.

I have a small exhibit starting today (as it is 5 am) … I started painting this at 9pm last night… made it to about 12, fell asleep for a couple of hours, woke up and started painting again.  I wanted a new painting for my exhibit.  It is only exhibiting for the Public Library in Droitwich but it will be on show for 2 weeks (Through Saturday, 2 April).  So if you are in the area (Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, UK), please drop by and check it out, the library is really nice too.

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Cindy Williams

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