Happy December, and upcoming events for Cindy Williams Art

HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE! Wow, I cannot believe this is the first day of the last month of 2015! This year has flown by. Well, I don't know, I think I was unconscious for the first half of the year as I was very ill.   I don't know where this year has gone. Firstly I would just like to say that my painting "Reflections of a Diva" has been chosen for the shop "Once Upon a Vintage" to hang for December. I didn't start feeling better until about August after I got myself sorted out and so I hadn't really painted a lot.  So I didn't have any Christmas or winter paintings ready for show. So Once Upon a Vintage had my painting and placed it on show.
Reflections of a Diva in the window of "Once upon a Vintage" shop ©Cindy Williams
Reflections of a Diva in the window of "Once upon a Vintage" shop
©Cindy Williams
  You can find this shop on the High Street in Droitwich, near St. Andrews Church. I have posted a calendar of events on my calendar page. This is not a complete list of events, and I do not have all the details written in yet, as I will have other events to add for the year. But it looks like the year is starting out busy, which I love! No slacking around here! 🙂 Later tonight I will write my newsletter so if you would like to subscribe to it, it may have more details in it. Thanks very much for stopping by, I appreciate you all! Ciao for now! Cindy Williams

I love all my Readers! Thank you for your kind comments :)