Why I Love the OLDIES…

Ah… the Oldies… as in the Old Hollywood movies.  Well, you certainly can’t re-create those classics.  They are a bygone era.

From childhood, I do vaguely remember the old silent films.   Mostly of those damsels in distress, tied to railroad tracks with a rope, and in each of those films some sort of villain has left them waiting on a hero to come and save them, all the while, a train comes roaring toward them.  Then you see subtitles on the film whilst the piano is playing villain music in the background.

It might sound something like this…




I do remember later on, the old westerns too, but that may be for another time.

Ah… let me return to what I began to say…

So, the actresses of the Jazz Age. I think they were so glamorous. They had style. They knew how to be a true snob. There was no acting in that sense.  They certainly lived up to their glamorous attitudes.  If you look at the actresses of today, there are very few that know what glamour is.

I happily received a book from my hubby.

He gave me a book titled “Louise Brooks:  Portrait of an Anti-Star”.

Louise Brooks: Portrait of an Anti-Star by Roland Jaccard
Louise Brooks: Portrait of an Anti-Star
by Roland Jaccard


I don’t really know why, but Louise Brooks was one of the first Jazz Age actresses that I painted.  I wanted to try the Art Deco type painting.  And I was HOOKED.

And the black and white paintings, I love them.  It’s hard to go back to colour painting now because I love monochrome.  It’s fun, I don’t have to keep changing to other colours.

I am hoping to be involved with the upcoming 30 day painting challenge with loads of other artists.  I would like to do AT LEAST 15 paintings! Well, that is what I am hoping for.

A Little Bit of LuLu ©Cindy Williams
A Little Bit of LuLu ©Cindy Williams

This was a quick little pen drawing.

I can’t wait to start reading my new book about Louise Brooks.

I will pass on some of the info to you as I am reading, letting you know about this actress and some of the others that I am painting.

Thank you all for dropping by, I appreciate all my readers.

Ciao for now!

Cindy Williams


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  1. I look forward to hearing why Louise was call an Anti-Star. Cute little drawing! I look forward to seeing your work in the 30 paintings challenge

I love all my Readers! Thank you for your kind comments :)