A new painting… and some other stuff


Here I am once again, staying up too late. I am a glutton for punishment, as in NO SLEEP punishment!  I get involved in drawing and painting, and don’t want to go to bed!

Anyway I have some good news!

I finished the painting for Anne Bradford’s new children’s book. I know I posted it before, but here it is again, it is a wartime nurse. Anne called me today and asked for it, as they are working on the War pages now.  I was proud to say I had finished it a few weeks ago, and I submitted it to her today. :)

Nurse of 1916 10x8" Watersoluble Media ©Cindy Williams
Wartime Nurse
Watersoluble Media
©Cindy Williams

As I said before, it looks “cartoon-like” because it is for a children’s book.

My friend Mark Pettifer (I mentioned him in this post) is helping Anne put it all together.

I can’t wait to see it! :)

So, today I decided to start a new painting.

Here is a preview:

WIP ©Cindy Williams
WIP ©Cindy Williams

I have had some really good news on the “show” front.

  • I am showing my painting “Reflections of a Diva” in a storefront. (this weekend until ?)
  • I have confirmation (yesterday) that I am approved to show in a gallery for 3 months next year! (November, December, and January 2017)

  • I am doing a solo show in a pop up gallery in February.
  • I am doing a solo show in a cafe in September.
  • I am going to try hard to do 30 day painting challenge in January.
  • I am going to try to host a blog hop in January.
  • I am taking a workshop from one of my favorite artists Jean Haines in April

 I am SUPER-EXCITED about next year!


Thank you ALL for dropping by, I love all my readers! Especially YOU! :)

Ciao for now,


Periscope- Cindy Williams Art Demo

I did a Live Periscope demo with pastel paints.

I was trying out Periscope, trying to learn what to do right and what I did wrong, and hopefully won’t repeat the mistakes.

I got a couple of comments, hey even one said “Dont quit your day job”. Well the joke is on him, I don’t plan to haha.


It was a short demo, well about 15 minutes maybe, I really am not sure.

You can click on the video or click this link.

OK, this time, I could really use feedback, what to do right next time.

Thanks for all your kind comments,

I appreciate all of my readers!

Ciao for now,


I did a demo

You know, I was so scared to do a demo.  I kept thinking “I’m going to do it”. But when the time came closer, I was freaking out! Just like when I was going to do the PERISCOPE demo.



Here are some pics:

"Lions" man ©Cindy Williams
“Lions” man
©Cindy Williams

I can’t even start telling you about my demo without showing this pic. It was really funny!  I was to do a painting demo yesterday from 10am-12pm.  And I got there about 9:30am and no one was at the Arts in Redditch exhibition yet. (It is just to the left of “Vision Express”).  This man didn’t have a clue what was coming.  

OK, I had all my bags and equipment, and I had to park in the parking garage. So I carried my bags and all the art stuff from my car, and it was getting HEAVY by time I got to my demo area.  And I went up to this man and I put a load of change into the bucket.  And I asked him if he was staying there for a bit. And he said yes.  

So I said “I am so sorry to ask you this but could you possibly keep an eye on my stuff, I just have to go back to the car and it will be just a few minutes and I will be back as soon as I can”.

And you  know what? He agreed! So he said ” I will just stand over here”.  And he stood inside the ropes!

Painting Demo area ©Cindy Williams
Painting Demo area
©Cindy Williams

When I returned I thanked him.

Cindy's Demo1
Cindy’s Demo1

As you can see, I was  terrified.  I could feel my knuckles turning white haha.

Cindy's Demo
Cindy’s Demo

Here I am painting away. Once I started painting, I really have to tell you, I got right in “my zone”. :)

I couldn’t believe the way my fear just vanished.  People were walking by, and would back up and have a look at my painting.   And they would stop and ask me what medium I use, how long I have been painting, why do I like to paint black and white, why do I like to paint 1920s, etc…

And then I would get everyone’s opinions, which was quite interesting!  I gave every person my undivided attention. I took an interest in what they had to say, and you know what? After they finished talking to me, I said “have you had a look in our pop up gallery?” and a lot of them would say “No” and I would tell them about it and would show them it was just around the corner.  And most ALL of them were not going in, but they changed their minds and stopped in. I made sure to say “My art is in the back, you can’t miss it, the paintings are 28″x20″ and they are black and white.” I continued to tell them the paintings are of Joan Crawford.  Some of the older people knew who I was talking about! :)

One older couple stopped and talked to me, and I asked “Have you been to the gallery?” And the lady said “I went the other day and I am bringing my husband today, where are your paintings?” And I told her, and they grinned and went right to the gallery.  Then came back later and told me how lovely they thought my paintings were! :)

Secrets and Shadows 28x20" Pastel Painting on Canson Mi-Teintes Paper ©Cindy Williams
Secrets and Shadows
Pastel Painting on Canson Mi-Teintes Paper
©Cindy Williams



Reflections of a Diva 28x20" Pastel Painting on Canson Mi-Teintes Paper ©Cindy Williams
Reflections of a Diva 28×20″
Pastel Painting on
Canson Mi-Teintes Paper
©Cindy Williams


These two paintings were in the Arts in Redditch pop up gallery.


Cindy's Paintings ©Cindy Williams
Cindy’s Paintings
©Cindy Williams

This was the day the pop up gallery was being set up.  I had to have someone install my paintings for me.


pop up gallery ©Cindy Williams
pop up gallery
©Cindy Williams



pop up gallery ©Cindy Williams
pop up gallery
©Cindy Williams


pop up gallery ©Cindy Williams
pop up gallery
©Cindy Williams


Artist Mark Pettifer ©Cindy Williams
Artist Mark Pettifer
©Cindy Williams


Cindy and Lisa Landreth "Selfie" ©Cindy Williams
Cindy and Lisa Landreth
©Cindy Williams

As a member of Arts in Redditch, if you were exhibiting, you were going to work the pop up gallery.  I worked on Wednesday all day and this is one of the other members Lisa Landreth, jewelry maker.


Artist Lyn Davies ©Cindy Williams
Artist Lyn Davies
©Cindy Williams

This is Artist Lyn Davies.  His art is hanging next to mine.  We both had agreed to do a demo on the same day.  It was Lyn’s first demo too, and you know what? After the fear left, he LOVED IT! :)


Artist Mark Pettifer (and me)
Artist Mark Pettifer
(and me)

Aw, this is my friend Mark Pettifer.  He is so nice! I mean, most of the people in the Arts in Redditch are pretty nice.  BUT, Mark is my friend.  He and my hubby went to school together!  I LOVE his Stonehenge painting!  and the ones we are standing by are his. The one above and the one below Stonehenge and the four across the top.  I was lucky to work with him that day.

He had some other lovely paintings of New York, if I can find my pics of them I will post them.

Cindy's Demo ©Cindy Williams
Cindy’s Demo
©Cindy Williams


This was how I looked after all the fear left. Much more relaxed, I loved the demo. And you know, I didn’t even get a lot of painting done, because people wanted to talk :) And I enjoyed it so much, I am looking forward to the next one.

Heck, I might even do a demo without being asked hahaha!

Thanks very much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the post.

I appreciate all my readers!

Show me some love by commenting below! hahaha :)

Until next time, Ciao for now,