Bless-ed little boy :D

I really don’t know what to call this painting…

I have named it “Bless-ed Little Boy”

It’s very close to my heart.

I have to catch up with these little ones! I have only painted a couple of them, because I have been trying to paint my 20s and 30s ladies… which I enjoy very much.  But I have been wanting to paint these little ones too, as they are very dear to me.

So every once in a while you might be lucky enough to see these very special little ones … show up on my blog 🙂

Bless-ed Little Boy 8x6" Pastel Painting ©Cindy Williams
Bless-ed Little Boy
Pastel Painting
©Cindy Williams

I hope you all have a lovely day 🙂

Thank you all for dropping by.

Cindy Williams

I love all my Readers! Thank you for your kind comments :)