Art challenge Day 26

This painting is not going to see the finish line. I can’t finish it, it needs too much help.


It looks like a Negative HAHA!

Im glad I can laugh at my mistakes! :-)

Thanks for dropping by, I have started another this evening at my little art group so you will see part of it next post.

I appreciate you all!

Cindy Williams

3 thoughts on “Art challenge Day 26”

  1. and what is wrong with a ‘negative’? I think it looks pretty good – definitely different which can be a good thing – think outside the box! Leave it for a few days and then take another look

  2. Perhaps it’s a woman of colour. I can’t remember which star it reminds me of, but I’m sure a quite Google match will come up with something.

  3. Come back to it in a few days. The answer might come as a surprise. But kudos anyhow for posting what you consider a flop. I think the light and shadow are great. Hey, if she is in a black and white movie… she would be grey! Have fun :)

I love all my Readers! Thank you for your kind comments :)