Working on latest painting…

I put this painting to the side for a bit. I think it’s good to take time away from a project sometimes. I think I did say that I signed up for Leslie Saeta’s 30 day painting challenge again YIKES! You know, I think she is hosting her 7th painting challenge and I was only able to complete 2 in the past. January 2015 I did 30 paintings AND 30 artist interviews! The challenge is fun, but you gotta be organized! Hopefully this one will be successful and I will finish the 30 paintings.

Between work and other activities this month, I can’t remember what size this is, I think it is a 16×12″.  No worries, it will be revealed when it is finished (and when I start working on it again).

WIP ©Cindy Williams
WIP ©Cindy Williams


Next step in WIP by ©Cindy Williams
Next step in WIP by ©Cindy Williams


WIP by ©Cindy Williams
by ©Cindy Williams

This is a pastel painting. I am using Faber-Castell pastels on Canson paper.

Exciting News!

I went last month to a special meeting, in which I wanted to join a very special art society.  I had written to the society and asked how to join and what I needed to do.  I was to send some photos of my work and where they can be found.

Not long after, I received a message that I was a prospective candidate for membership!  So I was invited to attend a special meeting only for prospective members.  We were to take our artwork to show and I decided to take this one:

Reflections of a Diva 28"x20" Pastel painting on Canson Mi-Teintes Paper ©Cindy Williams
Reflections of a Diva
Pastel painting on Canson Mi-Teintes Paper
©Cindy Williams


So in the post where I first posted  the finished painting, you saw behind the scenes where I was saying I had finished the painting and I was putting this in the pop up gallery.  

Here I put it in the POP UP gallery.

The next thing I did, a few days after the pop up gallery, was go to the special prospective member meeting.  And I took that huge painting with me.  I arrived at the meeting and all the new prospective members were to put our art on easels or on table tops.

At the meeting there were no other active members present except for the ones who were “officers” like the president of the art society, vice president, secretary, etc etc.

I was very nervous. All the while thinking, “is my art good enough? will I get in? will I have to wait another year to improve and be accepted?”

As of Friday, December 11, 2015… I AM A MEMBER OF:




The most exciting thing about being a member… The Stratford Upon Avon Art Society has an exhibition every year held at King Edward VI school! Don’t know about that? It’s only the school that WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE attended as a boy!

As an American, that is so exciting!

So, as my husband told me this weekend, after being accepted, I need to “up my game” now.  So I am going to try my best to do more and better paintings, because I also have other shows in the coming year.

Thank you for your support and thank you all for dropping by.

I need to get painting, so CIAO FOR NOW :)

Cindy Williams



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  1. I’m so pleased for you Cindy. If you still have it I would recommend putting the one you have here on your bio in the exhibition next time. I love it.

  2. AWESOME! So happy and excited for you Cindy! What an honor! You are GOOD ENOUGH! And I can hardly wait to see what is next for you! Love seeing your progress here. Enjoy :)

I love all my Readers! Thank you for your kind comments :)